Welcome to english information site for
pre-WotLK Vanilla WoW TBC 2.4.3 server tbc-eng.mysteria.cz

Pro české stránky pokračujte na tbc.mysteria.cz.

Server is running nonstop!For free registrations continue on registration page of the server.

Mysteria registration page (registrations, server status, characters online)
Mysteria world map (map showing online characters)
Mystria statistics & counts
Account preview

You can play for WORGEN's! Only level 5+ human warrior or human mage can become Black Worgen OR level 5+ blood elf hunter or blood elf mage can become Brown Worgen ...enjoy

Character transfer from other servers available (of course with money bonus for trainers)!

Change of your e-mail or password is not possible at the moment so be carefull while creating your account!!!

How to connect to server?

You need to proceed following steps:
1)Create account
2)World of Warcraft 2.4.3 client installed on your computer
3)Download mysteria_Patch-A and install it in to folder with your World Of Warcraft client version 2.4.3 .
Or edit address in your realmlist on .
(Rapidshare mirror for mysteria_Patch-A)

Brief server law:
1) GM is always right
2) If GM isn't right rule 1) must be respected
3) No cheating, Cheating = permaban!
4) If you witness cheating make screenshot and inform GM. Protecting a cheater= permaban!
5) Missusing bugs = cheating!
6) Behave nice, respect GM and each other!
7) By entering mysteria server you agree with this rules!

Any questions that might have occured send on tbc.mysteria[at]email[dot]cz

Enjoy the game!